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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Exciting Times...

Well, it's been a while.  Have you missed me?  I've certainly missed sharing my life with you lovely people.  There's been a good reason for my silence though, and the reason is not a lack of things to write about.  Far from it in fact - things have been getting very very interesting of late.

The reason I haven't been blogging is that I have been writing down my journal in Kindle books instead of in an online blog.  I reasoned that, since my Princess has given me so much to write about over the years it was only fair that the writings should benefit her in some way.  So the small income I've been receiving from e-book sales is now helping  me keep her in the lifestyle she deserves.  Ok, so I'm not in the E. L. James league, but the extra few pennies helps keep my Princess in heels and perfume :)

Submissive husband foot worship

Anyway, if you are interested in the latest developments in my ongoing mission to worship my Princess and guide the relationship towards cuckolding, please search Amazon for "Journal of an Obedient Boyfriend" by Josh Fletcher or click here or copy and paste into your browser.

(The above link may or may or may not work in your country of residence. If it doesn't work, just search for the title on your country's Amazon)

If you've already read all the blog, skip to Part 3 of the book for the new stuff.

Here's a picture of the cover so you know what to look for :

I hope you enjoy, and there will be more to come :D


Tuesday, 27 May 2014

A New Lover for my Princess? (Part 2)

Have you read Part 1?  It's here.

At the end of the previous post, Emma and her boss' boss, Mike were talking at the bar at a social event organised by her employer.  The two of them were flirting quite blatantly and I was doing my best not to interfere or make her feel in any way restrained by my proximity.  

I can't remember how the two of them parted company; it's possible that I missed a goodbye kiss, and quite a lot of heavy flirting as I was trying so hard not to stare and look excited like the wannabe cuckold that I am.  The next thing I remember is being in the taxi with Emma.  She simply could not stop talking about Mike.  She was too drunk to realise how much she was focusing on him, and I was too turned on to comment on it.  Instead I encouraged her to talk as much as she liked.  She obviously thought very highly of him, professionally and as a person.  I couldn't tell though, whether she found him physically attractive - he is quite rugged looking.  Maybe even craggy; not at all the tanned, groomed, athletic type that Emma is usually attracted to.  Maybe it's the fact that he has quite a lot of power in her organisation that was causing this fascination.  Emma was actually talking about him like a fan, like she was grateful that he had spent so long talking to her.  "He's just such a nice guy!  Not cocky or arrogant at all!" she kept saying.

Once we got home we pretty much went straight to bed, and I pretty much begged Emma to be allowed to giver her an orgasm.  "Oh, alright, go on then" she consented.  

Now, recently I have asked Emma if she ever thinks about anyone else - an ex, a co-worker, a famous person, a friend - whilst I am pleasuring her and she says she doesn't.  I had planned to ask her if she would do it, for a kind of dare, but I have never really had the balls to do it yet.  This seemed like an ideal opportunity, I thought.  I would get her aroused and then suggest that she may want to think about someone else, for the fun of it.

So that's how I found myself between Emma's beautiful thighs that night, working hard at pleasuring her with my tongue, waiting for the right moment to suggest this moderately kinky fantasy.  Just as I was thinking of the best way to phrase it, I heard something that made my heart leap.  Two syllables passed her lips.  

"Aahh... Mike.."

Unmistakable.  In between the groans of pleasure, the name came out in a breathy half-whisper.  Upon hearing it I gave out a slight involuntary groan of my own.  It felt amazing.  This was way more than I had hoped.  I was plucking up the courage to ask her to do something like this and worrying about her refusing, when she goes ahead and does it of her own volition, which makes it a hundred times sexier, as she's not being prompted at all - she's just saying it because she's genuinely thinking about him and doesn't give a fuck that I know it!

As I carried on pleasuring her I replayed the sound in my head.  Was it "Oh my God?"  Nope.  Definitely not.  Definitely two syllables.  Has she ever said "Oh my"?  Nope, she wasn't born in the 1900's!  This was a genuine, full-on, simultaneous, shared, cuckold fantasy in action.  Bliss.

Afterwards, after her climactic convulsions, I kissed her thighs and cuddled her hips, telling her over and over that I love her.  She rested her hand on my head as it lay in her lap. 

Neither of us mentioned it - I have learned that I must not express my excitement about these kind of things as it starts to look like it's for my benefit.  Everything is for Emma's benefit now.  As it should be.

The following day I was super-helpful and obedient, kneeling, kissing, cleaning, complimenting, pampering, you name it - I was the perfect husband.

I have a good feeling about Emma and Mike.  Watch this space...

Friday, 2 May 2014

A New Lover for my Princess? (Part 1)

Well, we had small but significant development in our journey towards one of my all time dreams last night; that of me being cuckolded.

Emma's firm had hired a bar/restaurant for a corporate event and everyone in her firm saw it as a chance to dress up and let off some steam.  Emma looked especially stunning, partly because I had spent so long helping her get ready.

I had loved every second of the two hours I was allowed to pamper her for.  Blissful moments of servitude, spent entirely focused on my Princess, bathing her, moisturising her and giving her a full manicure and pedicure.  She had decided to wear her hair up; in my view her sexiest look, with wavy tousled strands cascading over her smooth bare shoulders and back.  Whilst she was in the bedroom styling her hair I was on my knees behind her, naked, ready and eager to be ordered around.  Her half-voiced desire "I'd like a glass of wine" resulted in me obediently running downstairs and fetching a large Rioja.  I was not thanked for this, or for any of my actions of service.  It has got to the point now where thanking me would seem weird - these are just things that get done and no thanks are required.  You don't thank the cleaner in a public toilet for mopping the floor, you just ignore them.

"You look like a maid.  My naked male maid" she laughed, looking at my reflection in the mirror as she clipped some hair into place.  "I can almost see your anus!" she chuckled on realising that she could, in her mirror, see my reflection in the other mirror behind me.  I leaned forwards slightly, afford her a better, more humiliating view of my naked body in its most grovelling pose.  I could no longer see her face in this position so I don't know what her reaction was, but I was able to kiss the small of her back by craning my neck.  From her point of view it must have been totally clear that I am now utterly enslaved by her, under her spell and wrapped around her little finger; a plaything.

Once my Princess' hair was done, she let me help her into a cleavage-boosting bra that I had bought her, and then a sexy, clingy, black low-back mini-dress that, again, I had purchased.  Having zipped the back up I knelt behind her and caressed her ankles until she walked off downstairs.  "I forgot my wine.  Bring it down."  she shouted as I cleared up all the mess she had left in the bedroom.  Towels, makeup, hairdryer, hair clips, discarded dresses.

When I got downstairs she made me fetch a pair of her sexiest shoes (a pair she'd bought for herself a while ago as a present for me) and put them on for her.  She looked a million dollars and I couldn't keep my eyes off her.  I must have kissed her a hundred times and told her she looked beautiful dozens of times.

I suggested the delicate silver ankle chain with black Swarovski crystals that I recently gave her would complement this outfit and she agreed.  I trotted off and fetched it and then knelt on the cold kitchen floor, still naked whilst I fastened it.

I only had a few minutes to throw some clothes on before the taxi arrived and took us to the bar.  Our preparations could not have been more different.

Straight away at the venue, Emma got into the swing of things.  She was knocking back the drinks and having great fun with her colleagues on the dance floor.  I always try to make sure she's never without a full glass of something when we're out, but it was made easier last night by her bosses who seemed happy to splash the cash around.

At around 11 o'clock I found myself involved in a lengthy conversation with one of Emma's most boring male colleagues, Dave.  As we were talking I noticed Emma standing at the bar with a guy who at the time I didn't recognise (subsequently I learned his name is Mike and he is her boss' boss).  They were stood leaning on the bar, facing each other.  It immediately struck me that they were standing fairly close together.  I turned so that I could talk to Dave and observe Emma over his shoulder.

I was worried that Emma would see me flirting and either stop or feel "watched" and less comfortable, so I made a concerted effort to space out my glances to one every couple of minutes.  Over the course of the next thirty minutes I became certain that they were both flirting quite heavily.  One of the most striking things I saw was Mike put his hand on Emma's hip whilst he was leaning to talk into her ear (the music wasn't even that loud).  It was there for a good thirty seconds, and slid up and down a few times.  The dress was so sheer he must have realised she wasn't wearing any underwear.  I was wondering whether Emma was happy with this when I saw her put her hand on his waist.  Whatever was said at this point must have been very interesting as Mike nodded, smiled and gave a little wink.

At one point, Emma looked in my direction whilst she was talking.  I made sure to give her a big, genuine smile to reassure her that I was fine, but she didn't even respond, she just continued talking and looked straight back at Mike.  She looked so wide eyed.

There was definitely some kind of chemistry at work, I thought.  A suspicion that was soon to be confirmed...

Part 2

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Proper Discipline

My Princess is really embracing her role as Femdom Bitch Princess Wife now.  Even when I'm not really in the mood for it, which I suppose is exactly the point really.

Last night when I was cooking I had the nerve to complain that she'd left a load of her stuff all over the worktop and it was in my way.

"Are you being cheeky with me?" she asked, in exactly the tone you would use when addressing a 3-year old.

"I'm just saying, this is not the place for all this stuff."  I replied, irritated.

"Ah-ah.  Remember what we said about answering back."  Not a hint of recognition that she had even heard my legitimate complaint.

"Ok, it's just that it's annoying when it's all over the place when I'm trying to cook, that's all." I pleaded.

"Right, that's enough.  Get down" she ordered, turning to face me, face like stone, pointing at the floor in front of her feet.

So, despite being busy and not really in the sub-mood, I did as I was told and knelt in front of her.  Within seconds I was gripped with the urge to serve and obey, like she'd cast a spell over me.

"I am sorry, Beautiful.  Sorry for answering back.  I love you.  Please may I kiss your feet?"  This sounded really wimpy and pathetic.  Ten seconds ago I had been assertive and normal!

"You're lucky.  That was close wasn't it?" referring to the fact that, had I continued to protest, we would have fallen out seriously and I would be sleeping alone tonight and denied any pleasures like massaging or moisturising my Princess' gorgeous legs and feet.

"Yes, I'm sorry.  Thank you."  I offered, bending until my face was nearly touching the cold tiles of the kitchen floor.  I began kissing the tops of her feet.

I continued to kiss her feet and calves for around ten minutes until she told me to continue cooking.

I don't think she's fully forgiven me yet for complaining to her and answering back.  This morning when I asked if I could please moisturise her legs after her shower, she replied "Do it whilst I brush my teeth.  Save time".  Very short and snappy.  So I knelt behind her, grovelling and telling her how beautiful she is whilst applying lotion to her smooth calves and thighs.  Occasionally sneaking a cheeky kiss of her ass.  This is the kind of punishment I can cope with, I thought!  Every time I do this lately I stick my face slightly further into her ass crack and kiss her.  I'm hoping one day to be able to kiss her perfect asshole as part of my regular worship.  I'm pretty sure she bent forward slightly this morning when I did it.

This story may not sound that remarkable if you've read much Femdom fiction, but in real life, to be treated like this, and to be controlled and manipulated so completely and so easily by a beautiful and confident woman is quite something.

My Princess is well and truly in control.

We are going out together tonight on a night out organised by her colleagues.  I am simultaneously dreading and looking forward to seeing how this new found confidence manifests itself in a social setting...

Monday, 7 April 2014

Asking Permission for Absolutely Everything

This is something I tried a while ago without much success, but now it seems to be working well to cement my Princess' place in the relationship and increase her confidence.

It started a long time ago when I asked things like "Do you mind if I take a short rest break after that big meal before doing the washing up?"  This didn't seem to weird, especially if we had already agreed that I was to do the dishes.

Now though, I have started asking if I can go and have a shower, if I can have a snack, if I can have a break from chores... that kind of thing.  I find it seems less forced and unnatural if what I am asking for is something that benefits me.  If I were to ask "Please can I vaccuum the carpets" then that would seem stupid.  On those occasions I usually just inform my Princess what chores I am about to commence, with maybe a question at the end to confirm she approves, such as "I'll clean the cars this morning, then I will do the carpets and then cook lunch, is that ok?".  She may deign to look up from her laptop and give me an approving nod.

I am also using this technique to highlight the fact that I absolutely love to bathe, moisturise, massage and generally pamper my Princess.  So rather than her having to ask me for a bath, I frequently say "Please can I give you a bath and massage some time soon?".  In fact, yesterday we actually had the following exchange:

ME:  How has my behaviour been lately?
PRINCESS:  Very good actually.
ME:  If I carry on like this, please will you let me give you a bath and massage some time soon?
PRINCESS:  Yes, if you keep this up!

So if it ever gets to the point that Princess wants a bath or massage, she knows she is only asking me to do something I totally adore doing.  It's like she knows now, that any kind of close proximity to her beautiful body is a blissful honour for me that I should be grateful for.  I am trying to think of a good analogy - maybe a millionaire tossing a coin to a homeless guy just because he felt like it.

Something I have never done, but am now considering, is asking if I can bathe her feet in the lounge before massaging them and giving her a pedicure.

I asked Princess in bed yesterday morning if I could please give her an orgasm.  She said maybe later at first but then changed her mind.  I spent the next hour and a half with my head buried between her smooth thighs (shaven be me) giving her two absolutely huge, quivering orgasms.  She said she was cold so she kept the duvet over her the whole time, meaning I was sweating like crazy and hardly had any oxygen at all.  I was so uncomfortable it was unbelievable, and I think she knew this.  She seemed to be deliberately holding back from orgasm to prolong my discomfort as long as possible.  I did a great job though and cuddled her gorgeous hips for ten minutes or so afterwards before being told to make breakfast and clean the bedroom.  At no point was there even the slightest hint that I would be given any kind of sexual release, and my balls were aching like crazy the whole time.  In fact I had to admit that I nearly came in my pants, which Princess found funny.

When I returned to the bedroom Princess was in the shower, her clothes strewn on the floor.  I folded them perfectly and then dried and moisturised her.  God I love being a submissive husband to a beautiful, confident, dominant Princess lately...

Saturday, 5 April 2014

My Personal Photo Book of my Princess

I am thinking of treating myself to a present..

The plan is to collate all the most beautiful, elegant and sexy photographs of my Princess and get them bound together in a glossy book.

Over the years I have taken hundreds of photographs of her looking gorgeous in various locations, at weddings, on beaches etc. wearing some great outfits.  

I will concentrate mainly on photographs of her looking confident and assertive.  I have quite a few taken from low perspectives too, with her pretty feet dominating the foreground and her face looking nonchalantly at a book or magazine.  One or two pictures she looks quite moody on too.

I also have some lovely pics of her exploring Italian villages and wandering around old piazzas which I snapped whilst carrying her bags and walking about ten yards behind her, which is customary now on our trips away.  These pics are awesome as the fact that I was walking behind her means they show off her firm calves in a short skirt, and they also remind me of how how submissive I felt on these occasion (more details of this holiday in the post entitled "Worshipping my Princess Abroad")

My thinking is that such a book will help me to focus on and to worship and adore my Princess even when she is not around or when I am away on business.

Of course I will have to ask Princess if I can spend money on such a book, and get her approval for all the pictures.  Should be an interesting little project!