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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Best Friend's Wedding Part I

Pampering and Flirting at a Wedding.

How amazing life can be as a submissive obedient partner to a beautiful and sexy woman.  This is the event that stands out most for me as an example of the life I am aiming for.  If it was up to me, every social occasion would follow this pattern…

Emma's best friend got married in the summer, in Manchester.  We stayed with another of Emma's friends who happen to live nearby.   Since it was summer, Emma had a lovely tan and I was enjoying the shaving and moisturising aspects of our relationship even more than usual.  Her skin is so silky smooth and brown and her complexion is so perfect that I find it almost impossible to keep my hands off her, especially when she wears short summer dresses.

The dress she had chosen for the wedding was a fairly short black number with a very low-cut back, and I was keen to make sure she looked as good as possible in it.  A week or so before the wedding I bought some bronzing moisturiser and she had been letting me rub it into her already gorgeously tanned skin after every bath.  Some evenings when time was short I would kneel on the floor and moisturise her legs whilst she stood over me, nonchalantly chatting about other matters whilst I struggled to control my breathing.  Other times when we had more time I would lay a towel on the bed, put on some relaxing music and massage her slowly and thoroughly all over for an hour or more, using the bronzing moisturiser like massage oil.  These sensual massages would never lead onto full sex, but sometimes when I was really lucky she would allow me to perform oral sex on her.  Bringing her to orgasm after over an hour's worth of gentle loving stroking and foreplay was a great experience, made all the more rewarding for me by her total disregard for my sexual gratification.  I always took great care to ensure the bronzing cream was applied evenly and rubbed in properly to avoid streaking.  By the time of the wedding, she was looking amazingly sexy; good enough to eat.  During one of our pampering sessions she let me trim her toenails, file the edges smooth, and apply red nail varnish.  She was lying on the bed reading with her feet hanging over the edge, I was kneeling naked on the cold wood floor.  I did a perfect job, as I loved the experience and wanted to be able to do it again one day.

(not me in the pic, but I like it)

When it came to the day of the wedding, I was allowed use the bronzing moisturiser once more on her legs and back in the spare room of her friend's house.  I knelt before her and rubbed it lovingly into her smooth, soft thighs and tight calves.  She then put the dress on, it was tight and emphasised her curves beauifully.  We then went into the lounge to have a few pre-wedding drinks with her friend and her friend's husband.  We had only been talking for a few minutes when she produced the nail varnish and told me to do her fingernails.  Her friend's husband couldn't believe his eyes, and commented that what I was doing was "really gay".  His mockery made me feel quite humiliated, and this was increased further when Emma laughingly told him how much I love shaving and moisturising her.  He watched me with a look of incredulity as I carefully applied nail varnish perfectly to all fingers.  He is quite an alpha-male type and I could tell that he found this quite unbelievable.  It was as if I had been suddenly and unexpectedly "outed" as a sub.

Soon we left for the wedding, Emma looking about as sexy and provocative as she ever has, with her perfect skin, revealing dress, newly cut hair and very sexy strappy high heels.  I couldn't wait to see her dancing at the reception…


  1. I am enjoying you blog greatly. How does this make you 'gay' exactly... I sometimes feel I would like to do these things for Mistress R, but I'm not sure it would be a good idea, because personally I don't want it to affect the way she thinks of me... but still the thought of shaving her pussy and doing her nails doesn't seem that much of a leap from footrubs, pussy worship and giving up control of my cock and orgasms....

  2. I know, saying I was acting "gay" by painting her nails was a childish thing to say. I think he was basically lost for words as he had never seen a man being so attentive to his partner's needs.

    I think you should go for it and do such things for Mistress R; it will definitely affect the way she thinks of you, but isn't that part of the point?