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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

My First Ruined Orgasm - First of Many, Hopefully.

This morning Emma allowed me to give her two fantastic orgasms that left her shuddering and groaning with post-climax aftershocks.  Interestingly, it started off with us talking about her ex-boyfriends and me challenging myself to name all the men she has slept with.  I tried to get her to remember past sexual encounters but she said the memories were too vague.  Still, she became quite aroused not long after.  At one point I was actually kissing her feet as she climaxed.  If she was thinking about an ex boyfriend whilst I was doing this then that is one of the most delicious scenarios I can imagine.

I was simultaneously very satisfied that I was able to leave her shaking with pleasure and also so horny that I was on the verge of having my own orgasm with my pants still on, even after zero physical stimulation.  Still though, I managed to remain focused on her, and I hugged and kissed her lovingly and intimately, telling her how beautiful she is and how much I adore her.

She still finds it strange that such encounters end with no real denouement on my part though.  She asked whether it was healthy for me to never climax.  In reply I said that I had heard that there was a link between prostate health and regular ejaculation, but that if I ejaculated now I would probably instantly become lazy and inattentive.  I pointed out how affectionate I was being and told her that I was keen to do some work around the house; I contrasted this with my probable post-orgasm behaviour - rolling over and going to sleep.  I could see that this made sense to her, but it was also clear that she wasn't completely satisfied with this situation.

This is when I had a brainwave...

I said "Well, I have heard that it's possible to make a man ejaculate without him having a full orgasm, if you just stop everything just before he's about to come.  Perhaps we could try that - then I'll stay healthy and also I won't get lazy!  Everyone's happy!"

Well, she didn't need any encouragement, which surprised me as I thought she would find the concept really weird.  I was so horny that it only took a couple of minutes.  As soon as I was on the edge, I told her and she let go.  Voila!  The least satisfying ejaculation of my entire life.  None of the pulsing, whole-body rush of sexual ecstasy, no real sense of release, just a very unspectacular and slightly embarrassing, well, dribble.  She was very happy indeed with the result and I have made sure I have been co-operative, hard-working and attentive ever since.  And still just as horny.

She has never heard the phrase "ruined orgasm" in her life, but she has just become quite the expert!

Merry Christmas x


  1. Hello. Concerning prostrate health, that info is not from medical sources. It is from BDSM sources. If it is of concern to you, ask your doctor if there is any ill effect to going a year without an orgasm. I am confident the answer will be a quick, 'no'. If you ask your local Dominatrix, she will require you to bend over. The only medical study I ever found had risk factors so low as to be silly. If there were such a connection, there would be media all over telling men to have frequent orgasms due to the connection you speak of. For instance, don't smoke. We know it causes cancer. No such media concerning this and it is because there is simply no evidence supporting it. In fact, it is not uncommon for a doctor to recommend refraining from sexual activity.

  2. Yes, I have heard several contradictory theories on the orgasm/prostate health link. Every few years the media will pick up on some study claiming that a certain number of orgasms per week prevents cancer or heart disease but I have never read anything respectable and conclusive. I suspect you are right and that there is a link but its effects are negligible.

    I think perhaps I should advise Emma that the link is somewhat tenuous and that she should not worry about denying me. Maybe once every few months I will be permitted a ruined orgasm if I have behaved exceptionally well.

  3. OB, you need to suggest that Emma keeps you in a chastity device. I can promise you that she will soon grow to love it.

    1. I would love her to want me to wear a chastity device, but I think she is still at the stage where she would find them really weird. I think she is beginning to realise exactly how much denial improves my behaviour though, so maybe sometime soon she will come around to the idea...