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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Hotwife on the Pull

Ok, so that title is a slight exaggeration. This coming Saturday Emma and I are off out to a town centre restaurant for a friend's birthday. Emma thinks the rest of the party are probably going to head off to a club that we're not very keen on after the meal, so she has suggested that the two of us sneak off to her favourite club where they play live music. There is a bit of a wild atmosphere in this place, with a lot of dirty dancing and kissing happening on the rammed and sweaty dancefloor.
Now Emma has said she would like to wear the little black dress that she wore for her xmas do, but that it's slightly too large around the bust area, meaning it keeps falling down when she dances. I suggested she wore her cleavage-enhancing bra to keep it in place, but she pointed out that the dress is strapless whereas the bra is not.
So what would a good obedient boyfriend do in such a situation? Well, I have just been to a designer clothes shop and purchased a very sexy, strapless, push up, padded bra that is supposed to increase your bust size by up to two cup sizes.
So now she can wear the sexy dress, and dance in it. Also there is the added bonus that her breasts will look even more gorgeous.
I am hoping to be granted the pleasure of pampering her before we go out, and maybe I will be able to trim and paint her fingernails and toenails as well as the usual bathing, shaving and moisturising. I have already polished her shoes.
My dream situation would be that, after all of my efforts, she finds herself dancing with someone she fancies and tells me to either wait outside or go home. Something similar happened when we were first getting together; we were dancing in a club, just about to leave, when a good looking guy came over and started dancing with her. She just looked at me and said "Wait outside, I'll be out soon". I could tell she was planning on snogging him, but at the time I was still jealous and possessive, so I refused and we left together. How I regret that missed opportunity now! I have told her several times since how that memory is now a massive turn-on and how I was stupid to behave like that.
So maybe Saturday will bring some similar excitement. If anything like that arises again then I will be sure to obey immediately...


  1. Great update. Looking forward to future developments. And yes, you did blow one chance, perhaps it there will be a second.

    1. Thanks for the comment Ms Chaland. Love the furniture on your site!