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Monday, 23 January 2012

Humiliation During Chores

Whilst on my hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor yesterday, Princess Emma came and sat on my back. I carried on scrubbing and she started laughing and said "I bet this is one of your weird fetishes isn't it? Come on horsey, walk on".

Now, I have never had any kind of fantasy relating to that kind of thing, but I loved the way she laughed at me, the callous mockery in her voice, and the very fact that she felt able to treat me in this way.
She is definitely taking on the role. Soon I will give her the book I bought; The New Bride's Guide to Training Your Husband. I think we're nearly ready for it. It will be good to move from this stage of 'stealth submission' into the next level where she is properly and openly acknowledged as my superior and my leader.


  1. he is very luckey to have so strong dominating wife

  2. SHE should whip his ass,to move him faster,i once served Mistress Kitchen,the sink was extremelly dirty full of dishes,after greeting HER by kisssing HER feet and disrobed.SHE took me by the Ear there and used various very painfull kichen implemnts,i moved really fast,jack

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