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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Self Emasculation and the Eunuch

I have been reading about eunuchs recently, specifically the ones tasked with looking after a harem. There are many similarites (and one or two very obvious differences) between their roles and mine. They were expected to look after beautiful women whilst remaining sexually detached. Preening and pampering were core tasks. I wonder whether any of them were submissive types and therefore enjoyed their lot. I love the idea of it. I wonder, though, whether the hormonal changes brought on by castration would eliminate the feelings of sexual tension accumulated through an unfulfilled libido.

For now I will have to satisfy myself with the metaphorical castration I experience daily through bowing to my partner's superiority every day...


  1. In an "alternate" life, I can imagine nothing better than a life dedicated to the 24/7 service of a demanding harem of beautiful women. I would skip the castration, since I think that would be a total buzz kill!

  2. Yeah, it would probably be a much more enjoyable frustrating thrill to have to service beautiful women in a state of permanent arousal, with a raging erection that you're not allowed to use. Castration might be taking the fetish a step too far!

  3. i read it that the urges are there even after castration and also castrated slaves are the most obedient,jack