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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A Perfect Night of Pampering

Last night was amazing.  We didn't actually do anything new, but all the usual things just seemed very natural and un-forced.

After making her dinner and washing up, I ran her a bath, poured her some wine and lit some candles.  In the bath I spent ten minutes kneeling beside her, washing her hair and massaging her scalp as she arched her back in pleasure.  I then took a further ten minutes stroking conditioner into her smooth, glossy locks.  After rinsing her hair thoroughly I exfoliated her entire body with the shower sponge, even gently washing her face; an action that seemed like pure worship since it would have been far easier for her to do.  I adoringly cleaned around her big beautiful eyes, her tiny nose and her full, feminine lips.  Each finger and toe also received its due amount of attention.  

Next I shaved her legs and armpits with a new blade, taking my time to do a perfect job with absolutely no hair remaining and definitely no nicks.  I then asked if I could shave her pussy.  She allowed it, and I took great care in meticulously shaving around such a delicate area.  I had to control myself as I felt at times like I was going to come in my pants, and my breathing kept becoming suspiciously heavy.  I asked her if she was happy with the results and thankfully she was, which is great as it means this may become a standard part of our routine rather than just a special treat that she can do better.

I gathered up the clothes that she'd thrown on the bathroom floor, folded them neatly and put them away, then I fetched her a bath towel and a smaller towel for her hair.  I lifted her out of the bath and. whilst drying her feet I noticed that the nail varnish I had applied last week had chipped.  Kneeling at her feet, dabbing her toes with a towel. I asked if I could re-apply it.  "You'll have to take it off first" she said, and I replied that I would love to.  Whilst she wandered off to the bedroom, I got into the bath to bathe in her dirt, hair and dead skin.

I only had round two minutes' pleasure in my Princess' dirt though as I couldn't wait to moisturise her and get to work on her toenails.  After pulling the plug and cleaning up the puddles she had left on the bathroom floor, I quickly cleaned the bath and joined her in the bedroom.  She was laying on the bed on her laptop and I started smearing body lotion on her calves.

"It's easier for you to do my legs if I stand up isn't it?" she asked.  I replied that it was up to her, and that she looked comfortable where she was.  She stood up anyway though, and moved the laptop to the edge of the bed, bending over to type.  This meant that I was kneeling on the floor with her ass inches from my face.  Of course I couldn't resist planting a few adoring kisses on her peach-like bottom as I rubbed the cream into her legs.  My balls were aching like crazy by this point and there was a wet patch in my pants where so much pre-cum had oozed out.  I paid particular attention to the tops of her feet and her toes as I was worried that they were looking paler than her legs.  I did this part in a full-on grovelling position, face almost on the floor as she tapped away on Facebook.

I continued moisturising the front of her body, rubbing cream into her crotch and breasts like some kind of sexless assistant.  Once her front was all done, she was able to lay face down on a towel on the bed again.  As she continued to do something on Facebook that I have no business knowing, I lovingly applied the lotion all over her back, neck and shoulders, and told her that she is unbelievably sexy and fit looking.  She did not respond or thank me in any way.

"Please can I do your toenails?" I asked.  Her only response was to roll onto her side, feet dangling off the bed, fingers still tapping away on the laptop.  I then had to search frantically for the nail polish remover and cotton-wool.  I was worried that she would tell me not to bother if it looked like too much hassle, but luckily I found them in time and knelt at her feet.

I can't remember whether I have ever removed her nail polish before, but it was very enjoyable.  Once every toenail was perfectly clean I wiped them over and began to apply the red varnish.  I really wanted to ensure that I did this perfectly and had to struggle to steady my hands and control my breathing.  Occasionally I would pass her her wine and then take it back after she had taken a sip.

Eventually I finished.  It had taken the best part of two hours to pamper my Princess in this way, and it was two of the best hours of my life.  As I tidied away the lotion and nail products, Princess Emma offered not a single word of acknowledgement or thanks.  Perfect.  "Have I got clean clothes for work in the morning?" she asked.  Better than perfect.  After all that, she is now making sure that I have cleaned and ironed her clothes.  Fortunately I had, so I fetched them from her wardrobe and hung them on the handle for her.

For the rest of the night we snuggled on the sofa watching films as I stroked her hair, and this morning I woke extra early to make her a cup of tea.  I brushed her hair as she checked some things on the laptop.  Today I have been doing chores all day.  Things are pretty good at the moment,


  1. The best part.....Emma took all this for granted and offered no thanks, and then asked if she had clean clothes for work in the morning, assuming that you would have taken care of that for I right?

    1. Yep. We have now reached the stage where she merely occasionally checks with me that I have sorted the chores, rather than even considering doing them herself. Jobs such as clothes washing and ironing are now beneath her. She is acting like a good hands-off executive, only occasionally stooping to the "task" level when necessary.

  2. I don't know why exactly, but your recent posts all seem to have a distinct effect on me in the trouser department... curious!

    1. Strange that; they have exactly the same effect on me when I write them!

  3. Me too, just didn't confess that lol....!!!

    1. For me, the thrill I get from writing these posts is almost the same as the thrill I get from carrying out the actions themselves. It's a way of re-living the experience, and I hope it comes across in the writing. Glad you like it!