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Friday, 27 July 2012

Bought my Princess an "Instant Boob Job" Padded Push Up Bikini

Although my Princess has indicated her desire to visit a nearby nudist beach during our forthcoming trip to Italy, I thought it would still be worthwhile buying the sexiest possible bikini for her so she can still look stunningly irresistible even when laying around the pool, walking around the town etc.

After some extensive research, I found a bikini which promises to increase your apparent cup size by two sizes through its use of padding and a push-up design.  It is also quite a sexy shape, revealing quite a large inter-breast area.  Nice.  See picture below.

I can't wait to see my Princess in this.  She usually wears her anklet when on holiday too.  What a sexy outfit;  bikini and anklet and nothing else.


  1. Sometime ago I gave my wife a sexy anklet. It is very thin and elegant and made of platinum with the word 'sexy' having diamonds on it. She does not always wear it but she knows that it turns me on to see her relaxing on the sofa dangling her feet (to tease me with her sexy soles) and wearing the anklet...there is nothing better than returning from a hard day's work only to find her relaxing, wearing the anklet and ordering me to worship her soles!!

    1. That's lovely. I am always on the lookout for a sexy yet subtle "cuckold/hotwife" style anklet that's not too obvious or tacky. Haven't found one yet, but when I do I will be kneeling and worshipping my Princess' feet whilst she dangles her feet off the sofa...

  2. Dear OB,

    Dangling and teasing me with her sexy soles is a massive turn on for me.

    Sexiest soles: