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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Giving Princess Orgasms - A Favour... To Me!

After massaging Princess to sleep last night, I awoke extra early this morning to make sure she had breakfast and lunch prepared before her alarm went off.  I was hoping that this would give her a few free minutes during which she would allow me to give her an orgasm before her shower.

I knelt next to her side of the bed for a minute until her alarm went off, silenced it and kissed her gently awake before presenting her with her morning cup of tea.

I then got back into bed, told her that her food had been seen to and asked her if I could give her an orgasm.  She still didn't have time though; she had to be in work extra early and was stressing out about the busy day ahead.

The interesting this is though, she actually apologised to me that she didn't have time for an orgasm.  "Sorry, I've got to go!"  My first reaction was to tell her that she needn't apologise - I hate it when she apologises or thanks me for anything as it doesn't fit in with her taking me for granted.

But since she has left for work, and having thought about it a bit, I think it's actually pretty good that she felt the need to apologise in this way.  In a normal relationship, a woman might apologise to her partner that she didn't have time to suck him off before work despite his protestations.  In our relationship though, she actually apologises that she hasn't got the time to grant me the privilege of touching her.  It is, I think, a tacit acknowledgement that any physical contact with her is basically an amazing experience for me, regardless of how enjoyable it also happens to be for her.

A strange one.  Maybe I would be happier if she was more manipulative about it and said I could give her an orgasm tonight if I do enough chores or something.  Maybe her reaction was the best possible.

In any case, after my offer was rejected I continued to serve her this morning, running and fetching her hairbrush from where I left it after brushing her hair yesterday morning, and adjusting her bra so that it fits properly.  She is even trying out the gel bra inserts today that make her boobs look absolutely irresistible.  In work!

Looking forward to a morning of ironing her clothes and folding her underwear just how she likes it...


  1. Dear OB give your Princess time. When my Wife and I started she would say please, thank you, and say sorry for things. Now she barks out orders, never never says thank you and expects things done well. She has no mercy how tired I am after working at the office 12 hours. When I arrive home, she has her bare feet kicked up and hands me a list of between 9-20 chores, and simply says " Get to work servant" . She utterly takes me for granted as though I am less than dirt under her stinky feet , which I am . We truly realize our stations. Senis a Superior Mistress and I am a groveling slave. I can't wait until I am a complete cuckold and NEVER allowed to release with her.

    Servant hubby

    1. We're getting there. She very rarely thanks me for anything any more. I have to pretty much beg to be allowed to give her a bath, massage her etc. One day maybe it'll be like your relationship...

  2. My wife, Miss V, is also realizing that allowing me to give her attentions is a privilege to me. She has told me so in no uncertain terms, and I'm loving it. Our relationship is evolving mostly in the direction of orgasm control in the sense that while she has accepted (even embraced) the power over my orgasms, she has not exerted her power on other areas. However, every now and again, she seems to experiment with her power and requires something of me in other areas.

    1. Nice. I think I know what you mean. Sounds like Miss V is realising the potential power she has between her legs!