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Friday, 27 July 2012

My Princess Has Found a New Partner

A new gym partner, that is.

As of this week, she has started going to the gym with Nathan, her self-confessed "guilty pleasure".

This means:

a) Nathan will get to see Emma up close, in all sorts of positions, in sexy, skin-tight gym-wear.
b) Emma will get a good look at Nathan's impressive physique.
c) They will be able to flirt without me to cramp their style.
d) A boundary has been crossed - they are now happy to do things without me.
e) Emma feels confident and in control enough to sideline me in favour of someone she has already told me she fancies.

All good.

Next, this:


  1. Wow this must excite you OB. Your Prncess is on her way to really having a lover and she will most likely treat you like a lowly servant the way my Wife treats me. I am very happy for you but prepare to truly suffer my friend. As all males should for the superior sex

    Servant hubby

    1. She may be on her way, but it is such sloooooooow progress! I will have to be patient though - it is up to Emma how fast things move onwards...