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Friday, 20 July 2012

New Levels of Service

I seem to have managed to devote 100% of today's efforts to serving my Princess.  Here's a brief summary of how servile my behaviour has been.

First thing, I set my alarm early so I could make her breakfast and lunch to take to work, whilst she slept.  I then made her a cup of tea to drink in bed and I kissed her awake, kneeling by her bedside.

After giving her a lift to work, I did all the shopping, as per her list.  Once back home, I set about sorting out the washing.  I ironed all her clothes that I had washed yesterday and put them in her wardrobe.  All her underwear was folded and put away neatly.  I actually ironed her pants to make sure they were super-neat for her.

I then sent her a couple of emails and texts letting her know what I had done so far, and reminded her that I adore her and that she is beautiful.  I also offered to take her shoe shopping after work as she had a night out planned tonight and needed some new heels.

So I picked her up from work and took her to a designer shoe shop where she allowed me to pay for a very sexy pair of very high heels.

Once back home I asked her if I could put fake tan on her legs and back as they would be on show tonight in the backless mini-dress that I bought her recently.  She allowed this too; I knelt and rubbed it in to her smooth soft skin.

As she was getting ready, I made her a drink and tidied away her work clothes.

Once she was ready, I gave her a lift to the nightclub where she's meeting her single friends.  She looked absolutely, achingly beautiful.  Her toenails, painted by me, peeping out from the sexy new shoes I bought her, her legs, freshly shaved and bronzed by me, gorgeous under the slinky mini dress I bought her.  Her boobs looked fantastic in the new padded push-up bra I bought her as a present last week, enhanced by the inserts I also bought.  On her fingers, the rings I bought her and around her next a necklace I gave her.  Her face and hair I can take no credit for, but the rest of her outfit I have eagerly spent lots of money on, and I am so happy that I have been able to do so.

She is really going to turn some heads tonight.  I hope she has fun.  She might ring me at some point for a lift home, she might stay at a friend's.  It's all up to her. 


  1. My Princess rang me for a lift at 3am. After getting her home safely I was allowed to give her an orgasm, orally. All night I have been extremely aroused, hugging her beautiful hips as she sleeps.

  2. I bet you were wishing she had met a handsome man and then you could know what a servant you are for her? Did you smell her feet OB?

    1. That certainly would have been a major test. The idea of me being cuckolded is a massive turn on. It would be interesting to see how it feels in reality if, for instance, she had been with another man when I collected her, and kissed him goodnight in front of me...

    2. Dear OB,

      I have always fantasised about my sexy wife cuckolding me. I fantasised about spending her nights out with her lover, being pleasured, pampered and worshipped by him, while I stay at home looking after the children and doing house chores and scrubbing floors.

      When my wife goes for a night out, she always tells me to drive her to the nightclub to meet her female single friends, and then pick her up when she calls me on the mobile phone. My wife is 40 years old but is so sexy and beautiful that she doesn't look more than 30.

      One particluar weekend, as usual, I helped her prepare for her night out 'with her female friends':

      I drew her a bathe, bought her an expensive and sexy outfit (a backless pink dress), kissed and worshipped her neck before putting on the sexy and elegant necklace, then worshipped and kissed her sexy soles, knelt before her and put on the anklet on her foot, and then sucked her toes before sliding the diamond toe ring into her toe. I also polished her super sexy high heels before helping her into the shoes. When it was time to leave I drove her to the nightclub, feeling so lucky to have the chance to worship my sexy wife.

      At 3am she called me on the mobile phone to go and pick her. I drove much faster than usual and as such arrived about 10 minutes earlier than usual, only to secretly 'catch her' french kissing with her boyfriend. Then after about 5 minutes of touching and kissing she left him to come and wait for me to drive her home. I arrived 'just in time' to pick her.

      To this day she does not know that I am aware that she has a boyfriend behind my back. That night I was turned on like never before.

      Since that particular night I feel so turned on whenever I help her prepare for her nights out. The idea of me being cuckolded while being obligated to do all house chores and laundry is a massive turn on. 'Catching her' french kissing with another man in front of me after a night enjoying herself with him and spending my income....

    3. Wow, that is very horny indeed. Do you think maybe it was an added thrill for her, knowing that she was cutting it fine and that she may get caught?

      You are a lucky man, seeing something like that. I hope to have some similar experiences soon...

    4. Dear OB,
      I have no doubt that it is an added thrill for her. Risking ‘being caught’ is by nature always an added thrill.

      Even for me, touching and worshipping my wife casually, in a subtle way (for example kissing her lightly on her lips, or gently tickling her soles), risking ‘being caught’ by the children adds to the thrill. From my experience, sometimes the ‘risk’ is a turn on in itself.

  3. you got it good. i wouldnt cuck for a few years. she sounds perfect. i loooooove hips! :P