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Monday, 30 July 2012

Princess at the Gym with her Guilty Pleasure

As I type, my beautiful fiancĂ©e is at the gym with her ''guilty pleasure'' Nathan. He had a much better body than mine and she has made no secret of her feelings towards him. He and I both know she fancies him.  She has left me a list of chores to complete before she returns, including vaccuuming, washing, ironing, mopping and cleaning the bathroom.

She is so beautiful and I am so lucky to have the chance to work like this for such a special, confident woman. I hope she is enjoying her time with Nathan. Must stop writing now as I have things to do and I want her to see how hard I have worked whist she has been out enjoying herself.

Hopefully I will have time to do some shopping and cooking too.  If she is really pleased with how much work I have done then maybe I will get to bath and massage her...


  1. Dear OB that sounds delightful and what u have always wanted. Be prepared at some point for Your Princess to tell you she wants you caged and never to cum with her. In my case we are getting closer to this. I have had my cb 6000 on for 23 days straight and my Wife is going away with Master Craig next week for the weekend . SHENHAS assured me that all I will get upon her return from her weekend with her lover is her stinky feet to lick and NO release

    I lve her so

    Servant hubby

    1. Being caged and permanently denied sex or any kind of orgasm whilst my Princess has fun with bigger, better boyfriend(s) would be amazing. I would be relegated to the role of flunky, assisting her in her preparation and preening. Maybe I would be allowed to perform post-sex cleanup duties or maybe I would just be given household chores. Either way it would be my pleasure.

  2. Dear OB,
    I would like to share some thoughts with you about my family:
    To put you into the picture, I am 42 years old and my wife is 40. We have 3 children together: the oldest is our 20 year old daughter, and we also have two boys one is 18 years old and one is 17.
    In our family it has always been the case where my wife is the head of the household and where her judgment, opinions, and priorities rule. She controls the family finances. All earnings from my main employment are deposited into her account. There is absolutely no need for her to explain anything whatsoever about the family finances to me. She is free to spend as she alone sees fit whether, in her judgment, for the benefit of the family or merely for her own enjoyment. For example, recently she purchased a new car and it was her decision alone.
    As such our children were raised in this environment. They are used to this kind of environment and it is only natural for them to see their mother worshipped by me.
    I also work a part time job to maintain our family and to lavish my lovely wife with sexy and expensive gifts.However I am still required to justify my expenses to her. During the years since we have been married, Over the years I have regularly bought extremely expensive and sexy gifts for my wife. Some Examples include:
    Sapphire and diamond Toe ring ($5,500)
    Diamond Necklace ($14,000)
    Diamond and Platinum Anklet ($4,000)
    Ring (,$5,000)
    Sapphire BraceletBracelet ($6,000)

    Also, in the past 20 years since our first child was born I have always expressed my obvious submission to my wife in front of my children, for example:
    Treating her soles with lotions and creams to keep them soft and sexy;
    When watching TV, in the evening, my wife and children sit on the sofa as I sit on the floor near her feet caressing her sexy soles(even if casually);
    Doing all house chores, laundry, running errands, and scrubbing the floors while at the same time she goes out shopping sexy outfits or having her hair made up, or out enjoying herself spending my income;
    Kneeling before her while putting on the anklet on her ankle, sliding the toe ring in her toe and polishing and putting on her sexy sandals (Italian heels);
    Putting the nail polish on her sexy toes etc.

    Some acts are not performed in front of the children, even though they are now adults. For example, before going on a date I must:
    Help her choose a sexy outfit, while she teases me about allowing her boyfriend to cum in her.
    Before I put the sexy elegant anklet on her ankle I kiss and worship her sexy soles.

    I had always harbored fantasies of her cuckolding me.

    I love working hard on my feet feeling subservient, being in subspace and knowing she is spending the money I make and enjoying herself sexually.

    Spending the weekends doing the house chores makes me feel an intense sense of pleasure knowing that I am locked up in chastity, at home scrubbing floors, running errands, cooking and doing laundry, while she is being pleasured by Her lover.

    Living a life of chastity, obligated to do household chores while my wife enjoys free time and sexual enjoyment is a wonderful way to live. Even writing about it has made me horny.

    1. Wow. Thanks Anon. Sounds like you have a pretty amazing marriage there. I was wondering how it would work with children about, and you have answered my wonderings. I suppose it's possible to do a lot of submissive tasks without your children realising that you're doing it out of a kinky desire to be submissive. It would look, to all intents and purposes, as if that's just the way you two have worked out the division of labour in your relationship.

      Thank you very much for your detailed comment. I hope you two continue to be happy in your awesomely unequal relationship!

  3. Dear OB,
    It is not always easy to have a Wife ld marriage with children about.
    Our children have always been fully aware that their mum is worshipped by me and that her wants and wishes prevail in our household.
    However since our daughter became an adult, I could sense a bit of jealousy on her part. I think that her problem is that, at 40, my wife is better looking and looks like not more than 30-32, dresses sexy and is very attractive. Our daughter is somewhat short of confidence while my wife is full of confidence and knows that wherever she goes she turns heads. On the other hand our daughter is only 20, and she may be finding it difficult to accept that her mum is more attractive than her despite being twice her age.
    Another reason for our daughter being jealous could be the fact that I lavish my Wife with extremely expensive and sexy jewellery and buy her sexy outfits while on the other hand, she may be finding it difficult to accept that I would only spend a few hundred pounds on presents for her and her brothers.
    As for our sons it is less of a problem. But it is not the first time that friends of theirs tell them “how lucky your dad is to be married to a lovely wife like your mum!!”
    I don’t know if this is strange feeling on my part; but being aware that our children are a bit jealous turns me on and only makes me more subservient to her. Do you think that this feeling is normal among submissive husbands?

    1. This sounds like a real moral minefield to me! One the one hand I think it is totally wrong to involve your children in your fantasies, even if it is very indirectly. On the other hand, it is your wife that you fell in love with, married and decided to worship forever, and she will always be your number one. Sounds like your kids are old enough to deal with your adoration of your wife and they should just let you get on with it!

      I have no idea how I will deal with these issues, by the way, when it comes to my Princess and I having kids. I will probably just do exactly what she wants!

  4. This gym scene is just getting to me :)

    1. Thanks for the comment Sara. After she returned from a hard workout with Nathan she dumped all her sweaty clothes on the bedroom floor for me to tidy. She was happy enough with the cleanliness of the house that she let me bathe and shave her beautiful body. Things are moving on...