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Friday, 13 July 2012

Remote Control Sub Boyfriend

Princess Emma has developed a new habit that I quite like.  Not only does she leave me lists of chores to complete whilst she is in work, but now she also likes to be kept updated via text and email, to make sure I am working in accordance with her exacting standards.  New tasks are frequently assigned to me via these means.

For example. here is my email to her this afternoon, assuring her that I am working hard:

Hello Princess, I hope work is ok today.  Here's what I have done so far:
  • Bathroom cleaned including floor, skirting boards, behind toilet and sink.  
  • Carpets hoovered throughout.
  • Kitchen tidied and floor mopped.
  • Two loads of washing done and hung out.
  • Your clothes ironed.
  • Shopping done.
  • Surprise present - bought ;)
  • Garden tidied.
  • Dinner ready
Perhaps I could give you a massage after your bath tonight as my reward?  ;)
I am sooooo under the thumb.  I bet none of my friends or colleagues would ever dream of being so servile as to grovellingly beg to be allowed to massage their partner as a reward for doing chores! 


  1. I love this post. I too love to do a lot of chores while my Wife is with her lover and then my only reward are her filthy stinky feet to lick clean then massage. What a servile dog I am for her. She gets her feet filthy by walking through a parking garage to really humiliate me. She takes a picture of me licking her feet then texts them to Master Craig

    Servant hubby

    1. Sounds like your wife has a brilliantly sadistic streak!