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Monday, 23 July 2012

Showing Off my Princess on a Nudist Beach

Princess Emma and I are due to go to Italy for a week soon, and apparently there is a nudist beach not far from where we are staying.  Emma really wants to go there... so we will be going there!

I am loving the idea of her showing off her incredible body, perfect skin and shaven pussy.  I expect to be spending a lot of time applying sun cream, fetching drinks, maybe kissing her feet.  I expect her to be spending a lot of time reading, ignoring me and checking out the naked men.

I actually had a (quite far-fetched) dream about it last night...

A hot, lazy day at the beach, the waves crashing in the distance.  Emma was laying on her front, reading, as I was rubbing sun cream into the backs of her legs, her ass and her back.  Two Italian guys came over and just sat next to us.  They were good looking, well built and tanned.  They were also pretty well endowed.  At first, Emma shyly grabbed a towel to cover herself as she sat up, but after a few minutes, as she turned to put her book down, she let the towel drop onto her lap.  Conversation flowed pretty well; they were genuinely charming and funny and Emma clearly liked them.  There was definite, instant chemistry between them, with some very intense looks and way too much eye contact to be mistaken for anything but flirting.  What I found quite telling was that she grabbed the towel from her lap and rubbed her already dry hair with it before putting the towel down on the sand next to her instead of back on her lap.  Her whole body was now exposed.  She then lay back on her elbows so as to allow a good view of her perfect, neat, shaven pussy to the guys, who were both sat around her feet.

"Who don't you go and wait in the hotel, love?"  she said, without even looking at me.  I was quite taken aback at the lack of any pretence.  Not even any subtlety like "Maybe you could go for a swim".  Just a blatant order couched in the form of a question.

"Ok Princess.  I love you" I said, bending into a grovelling position to kiss her hand.  As I stood up to walk off, the two guys repositioned themselves, one either side of her.  Then I walked off along the otherwise deserted beach.

I allowed myself only one glance backwards and saw my Princess kissing one guy as the other one fingered her and kissed her breast.  I wondered how many tourists they get to do this with, or whether they normally just walk along the beach perving and Emma was the one and only tourist they simply couldn't resist.  Either way I felt proud of my Princess, her beauty, her confidence, her easy control over me.  I love her so much and I love to see her aroused and excited like this.  I bet she'll suck them both off too.  She hasn't sucked my cock in years...

Back at the hotel I tidied up the mess we'd made from our hasty unpacking.  I made sure the place was spotless and all of Emma's clothes were perfectly folded or hung.  I didn't know whether she would want a bath or a shower when she returned, so I ran a bath just in case, to give her the option.

When I eventually heard a knock at the door, I could see through the spy hole that Emma was alone.  I got down on my knees as I opened the door, and kissed her sandy feet as soon as she stepped in.  "Thank you" I said, although it wasn't clear whether I was thanking her for allowing me to kiss her feet, for returning home, for sending me away as she played with the Italian guys, or what.

She went into the bedroom and slumped onto the bed.

"I need to think about what just happened" she said.  This sounded ominous.  Serious.

"Ok Princess. Are you ok?" I asked, kneeling next to the bed and stroking her hair.

"Oh yes.  I'm definitely ok.  Better than that.  I am very, very happy.  That was a lovely day.  What I meant was, I need to think about what just happened."  I only twigged what she meant as she started to finger herself as she said think.  She wanted to re-live the experience, and closed her eyes as she began to work on herself.

"Please.  Can I help?"  I asked, a bit too pleadingly.

"I suppose so" she sighed, moving her hand aside.

I knelt on the bed and went to work, lovingly kissing her pussy, licking and loving it and her, drifting off into a world of servile bliss.  She tasted different to normal and I think I knew why.  As I gazed occasionally up at her gorgeous face, ecstatic, framed from this angle between her reddened breasts, I wondered whether this fresh new humiliation featured in her current thoughts.  Getting me to clean her after her infidelity; was that a new turn-on for her?

After she came twice she rolled over and I adoringly kissed her ass as she dozed off.  My hard on refused to subside and sleep was impossible...

For the rest of the holiday I would faithfully follow my Princess around, kiss her adoringly, rub sun cream in frequently, run around getting her drinks, buying her little presents in the tourist shops, pamper her wherever possible, massage her and give her countless orgasms as she remembered her fun on the beach...


  1. I enjoy your blog. Emma sounds incredibly beautiful and seems to be becoming quite dominant!

  2. She is, and she is! Glad you're enjoying it, thanks for the comment!