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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Bathtime Intimacy

I have been tired, lazy and uncooperative this past week.  I have done some washing and cleaning but I haven't been up to my normal high standards of domestic servitude.

I confessed, whilst kneeling next to my Princess at the kitchen table, that the reason for my loss of focus and unsatisfactory behaviour was that I had masturbated last week.

She expressed her disappointment and told me that, since I had misbehaved she was going to revoke some privileges.  I had previously been promised a night of pampering - I was scheduled to bathe, shave and moisturise my Princess and give her a massage and a pedicure, but now I was going to be be denied thanks to my lack of respect and self control.

I was gutted.  What was supposed to be a night of worship involving hours of physical contact with my Princess had now been taken away from me, all because I had been unable to control my urges.  I had managed to go for around three months without masturbating; I thought I had cracked it but for some reason I just gave in to the primal urge the other morning after my Princess had left for work.  Of course, all I thought about during masturbation was my Princess and how confident, beautiful and superior she is, but that does not diminish the offence.

I apologised profusely for my behaviour, whilst kneeling next to her and kissing her leg.  I promised I wouldn't do it again.  I asked to be allowed to make it up to her by working as hard as possible all afternoon, in the hope that she would let me pamper her later.

"You just carry on, and we'll see" was her reply.

Needless to say, I immediately turned into a very efficient housework machine, hoovering, mopping, dusting, scrubbing, washing, hanging and ironing, for several hours.  My Princess was in the house the whole time but didn't help at all.  I think she has finally realised the power she has over me.  She has also accepted her place in the relationship - on top - and no longer feels  guilty or lazy when I am toiling away around her.

Thankfully for me, my Princess took pity on me and allowed me to give her a bath after I had earned sufficient brownie points.

During the bath, she was a lot more demanding than usual.  After I had spent a long time washing her hair. massaging her scalp, applying moisturiser, scrubbing her back, shaving her legs, armpits and pussy, she demanded I clean her asshole.  This is something I always do anyway, but was never sure if she found it a bit too invasive.  It was amazing though, actually being commanded to do it.

Imagine having so much power over someone, having them worship you so much, that their heart leaps with excitement at being ordered to clean their anus whilst they lay there relaxing.  Beautiful.

After my Princess had dried herself she called me into the bedroom to moisturise her legs whilst she stood in front of the full-length mirror, towel-drying her lustrous hair.  She had a perfect view of her servant, kneeling at her feet, stroking her legs and occasionally kissing her ass.  It seemed like an act of deliberate belittlement and humiliation, making me do it in front of the mirror.  There was no doubting the power structure in that tableau, and I could feel her eyes looking down upon me.

The whole time she was quite distant and frosty.  She hates masturbation.  I am lucky that she allowed me to serve her at all.


  1. OMG that sound a wonderful experience. Not just from the fact of what you had to do, but because your princess took it upon herself to at first withdraw this pleasure from you as a form of punishment, but then reinstated it once you had worked hard all day as a penance.

    The fact that she accpets and acknowledges her position of power over you, and clearly is prepared to use it in such way, shows just how much she is enjoying having you submit to her in this way.

    Sounds as though you may have learned a lesson...!!!

    1. Definitely. I think she has learned a lesson too - that she can use and abuse me however she wishes, using her beauty and superiority as a means of exerting power over me.

    2. I KNOWWWW!!!!! It is so unfair women can subjugate us so easily and still we keep coming back. The sad part is we like it too.


    3. LOL @ "the sad opart is we like it too"

      I think this is the HAPPY part !!!

  2. OB

    For me unauthorized masturbation is something unacceptable but you have your princess and you must obey her rules. By the way I think that good chastity belt could be good for you. Definitely it is necessary and I know that when my husband is in his CB-6000S he has no choice and it's just easier for both of us.


    1. I really think a chastity device would be beneficial to us too, but at the moment my Princess still sees them as weird. Hopefully she will reconsider. I love the idea of her wearing my key around her neck.

  3. Maybe you should point HER all the benefits for HER of being locked in chastity,jack