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Monday, 7 January 2013

About to Get Married

One of the reasons I have been so quiet of late is that our wedding day is fast approaching, and, as you would expect from such a subservient and helpful partner, I have been very involved in the preparations.

I am hoping there will be some way of adapting the vows to reflect the asymmetrical nature of our relationship - maybe Emma could promise to "love and guide" me as opposed to the traditional "love, honour and obey" and perhaps there might be a way of her completely omitting the "forsaking all others" line.  Obviously I would still say it.

Emma is has just returned from her hen weekend and some of the photos look quite interesting.  There's one sequence where she swaps fancy dress with a man on a stag weekend in the middle of a bar.  I love it that she can show me pictures like this without the slightest thought that I may get angry, possessive or jealous like a standard partner.  I think I said "Cool!  Looks like you're having fun!"

Whilst she was away partying, I managed to completely clean the entire house from top to bottom.  As soon as she returned, I cooked for her and washed her clothes whilst she relaxed on the sofa.  2013 is looking good so far.  The preparations for her hen weekend were pretty good too.  She was going to start getting ready to go away whilst I was in work, but I pleaded on text for her to wait for me to get home first so that I could help with her pampering routines.  She was kind and allowed me to do the whole thing.  I bathed her and shaved her, washed her hair, scrubbed her clean, dried her and then knelt at her feet and rubbed bronzer into her legs whilst kissing her hips and ass and complimenting her amazing beauty.

She lay on the bed and I cut and shaped her toenails and then applied French manicure.  As I knelt at her feet, blowing the varnish to speed drying, she ordered me to "Get me a cup of tea and some paracetamol for my headache whilst it's drying." - not a hint of a please.  Perfect.

Once I had finished the pampering, I asked if I could iron the clothes that she was taking and she let me iron her short dresses.  I love the idea that she would have been dancing and flirting in those dresses, and looking beautiful and brown partly thanks to my pampering.  It really feels like I am contributing to her beauty and happiness.

Lucky groom!  Or maybe it's the Best Man?


  1. Are you sure that getting married before you expose your secret desires fully to her is a good idea?

    1. There are no "secret desires" here - my Princess is fully aware of my desire to be controlled, dominated, humiliated and cuckolded! The only thing she doesn't (yet) know is that I write a blog about it, but hopefully that will soon change. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Mr. OB,

    My wife excluded the "obey" from her vows. So did the Duchess of Cambridge. I would be surprised if Mistress Emma included such an old fashion word in her vows to you.

    Glad to hear 2013 is unfolding well so far for you two. Take care.


    1. Thanks for your input, SH. Sounds like it's quite normal then. Wonder if anyone will notice that I am not omitting "obey" from my half of the vows!