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Friday, 18 January 2013

Married Life So Far

My Princess seems to be taking to her new role of Dominant Wife with a great deal of self-confidence.  There seemed to be a marked increase in her levels of self-assurance within hours of us taking our vows.  One example of how She is asserting Her dominance is sleeping arrangements.  The last time I was allowed to sleep in the same bed as Her was our wedding night, during which She had several enormous orgasms whilst I was allowed no release at all.  It was a wonderful feeling, hugging and gently kissing the smooth curvaceous hips of my new beautiful Bride as She slept, knowing that I had satisfied Her whilst feeling extremely frustrated myself, and knowing that this was probably my life from now on...

That was in the hotel after the wedding.  I have not been allowed to sleep in our bedroom once since getting married.  I am now relegated to the spare room, which She calls "your room".  She now regards (what was once) our bedroom as her own.  I first noticed this the day we came home, when She said "Get me my phone charger - it's in my room".

I asked Her yesterday morning whether I would be allowed to sleep in Her room if She was satisfied with my performance around the house but She didn't give a definite answer.  I did my best anyway.

Whilst my Princess was at work,  I dusted the entire house, swept and mopped the hard floors, hoovered all the carpets and cleaned the skirting boards.  I also gave the bathrooms a real deep-clean, so that every spot of dirt and dust was removed from even the most tucked-away places.  I polished the taps and scrubbed the toilets so that they sparkled.  I also ironed all of my Princess' clothes, even Her underwear and pyjamas.  As always, I folded Her underwear in the way that She likes, so that they look like they've just come out of the packet.  I also cleaned the kitchen and cooked dinner, which was on the table when She walked through the door, along with a dozen roses.  After dinner, Princess relaxed in the lounge whilst I did the washing up.

I then sat cross-legged on the floor of the lounge where Her feet rested on the pouffe, and massaged and kissed Her beautiful little feet whilst She chatted online.  After a hard day's work her feet had a slight odour, but it is not unpleasant, in fact, to me that smell is quite alluring as it is the smell of my Princess.  I kissed the soles of Her feet for around half an hour, with a raging hard-on the whole time.

Eventually I asked Princess if I had performed well enough to be allowed to give Her a bath.  My heart leapt when She said I had, and I immediately ran a deep bath with herbal bubble-bath, lit some candles and fetched Her a glass of wine.

I won't go into all the details of the bath and subsequent massage and moisturising as I have described it a few times already on here.  Suffice to say that no part of Her beautiful body was overlooked; a Roman empress would have felt spoiled by the treatment She received.  I was on my knees for around two hours, lavishing as much love, affection and attention on my Princess as I possibly could, and I thanked her for it afterwards, as I should.  I am such a lucky husband being allowed to spent this amount of time in such close physical contact with someone of such beauty, being able to pay such close attention to Her most intimate feminine curves.

Do you think I was allowed to sleep in Her bedroom though?  Alas I was not.  My Princess wanted a guaranteed good night's sleep as She has an important day in work today, so I was banished from Her chamber.

This morning I made sure I was up before Her, and took Her a cup of tea in bed.  I knelt next to Her and stroked Her hair as She awoke, and then spent ten minutes kissing the soles of Her feet as She sipped her tea.

I have asked Her if it would be possible to sleep on the floor at the foot of Her bed if I perform my duties to Her satisfaction.  She laughed and said "Don't be silly", which I could take one of two ways - either there's no way She will even let me sleep that close, or She thinks that's too weird a request.  Not sure yet.

One day I hope to work so hard that I am allowed to sleep on the floor at the foot of my beautiful Wife's bed as she dozes, all cosy and gorgeous.  Maybe she won't be alone in the bed - after all, a woman as beautiful as my Wife needs company.  She may need the company of a real man one day...


  1. Mr. OB,

    Good job cleaning. From your account, it seems like you did well. I do know ironing specifically takes patience and it seems like you demonstrated your dedication well. Tonight, my wife let me know she will be home late and will be eating out with friends. I will be ironing after I get home from work and tending the children. Fridays are traditionally my ironing night. For me, ironing has become an erotic event. I often drip pre-cum while ironing. I do know this is weird, but that is how it has become for me. Also, Friday’s are traditionally when my wife enjoys a night out.

    With your wife coming home to a clean house, a prepared meal, and a docile husband, you did your job well. From my perspective, you can take pride is your service to your wife having been done well and having alleviated the stress from her busy day.

    I too think it my wife’s right to enjoy making love to a man. The thought of me being asked to serve the two of them coffee or tea after they enjoy each other is one that I often entertain. For me, that would be very nice of her to ask of me after flaunting her sexual liberty while it was understood I had none and am better kept chaste and in service to her.

    Thank you for the post. I enjoyed reading it.



  2. Thanks for your comment SH, and for reading.

    Sounds like you have a fantastic relationship. I know what you mean about ironing becoming erotic - I feel the same. Maybe it is something to do with the fact that it's traditionally viewed as "woman's work". Maybe it's because it instils in you a feeling that you are "doting" or lovingly tending to your partner's needs. I find ironing and neatly folding my Wife's underwear so that they line up immaculately in her drawer to be a very erotic experience.

    Your fantasies are very similar to mine. Serving coffee to Princess and her lover after they have had passionate sex would be the absolute pinnacle of my vocation as a submissive husband...


  4. wonderful post
    it is such a wonderfully humiliating position to be atthe foot of the bed massaging not just Her feet but His feet too. After my gorgeous Wife has sex with her BF, Master Craig, i am summoned to serve them drinks and then lick the bottoms of their stinky feet. And Master Craig has size 13 feet

    servant sean