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Sunday, 30 March 2014

A New Solution to Arguments - Stop, Kneel, Grovel and Apologise!

Yesterday morning over breakfast, I asked my Princess (very politely) if I could go out for a few drinks with my friends who were all going to a bar last night.  She didn't exactly point-blank refuse but she did mention the fact that we have a few social engagements coming up soon, and we're also saving up for x, y and z (details not important), so things are a bit tight at the moment, financially.  Basically, Princess made it clear that she would prefer me not to go out drinking.

Instead of just accepting this like a good submissive husband, for some reason I allowed my residual "inner real-man" to do the talking.  I pointed out that she had been out a few times recently, and that I haven't seen any of my friends for months.

Princess then said that it was fine for me to go out, but her demeanor and body language said the exact opposite.  What followed was a fairly tense discussion/argument ending with her insisting that it was fine (whilst making it abundantly clear that it was anything but) and me sticking to my guns.  

"Don't bother making me that coffee" she said as she walked upstairs.

The atmosphere had changed significantly in a matter of minutes.  I knew that when Princess got pissed off with me like this, it takes days or sometimes weeks to get back into her good books.  

At this point I had a brainwave, or perhaps my submissive side (perversely) managed to wrest control from my ego.  Either way I realised that I had a choice.  Either I carry on pushing for what I want and get a night out with my friends but at great cost to household happiness, or I just give up on the idea of seeing my friends and instead grovel, apologise for my behaviour/attitude and strive to get back into Princess' good books as quickly as possible.

I chose the latter option.  

I went upstairs to where Princess was brushing her teeth.  She was wearing a towel and looked as beautiful as she always did, so what I was about to do didn't really require any willpower at all.

I knelt behind her, leaned forwards and kissed her cute little foot.  I said that I was sorry and that she was right.  Then I said sorry again, and kissed her foot again, and the her other foot.  I asked if I could moisturise her legs as I could tell that she hadn't done it herself.  Moisturising her legs whilst she brushed her teeth is now as much a part of my morning routine as getting dressed, so she probably hadn't even considered it.



She said that, yes, I could moisturise her, so I ran and got the cream.  When I came back I re-assumed the submissive pose behind her and kissed her feet some more and said I was sorry a few more times.  Then I rubbed the cream into her gorgeous legs and sneaked a few kisses of her amazing ass (getting as close to her crack as I dared).  When she had finished brushing her teeth an interesting thing happened.

Princess kind of patted me on the head.  It was a half-pat, half-hair tousle.  As she did it, she said "Well rescued".

I then rose, kissed her shoulders a few times and told her she was very, very beautiful.  I apologised, yet again (probably around a dozen sorry's by now) and said "Thanks".  Thanks for letting me back in. for allowing me to touch you, for forgiving me, for being beautiful, for being so understanding despite my temporary un-submissiveness.

I did as much as I possibly could around the house after that - hoovering, washing etc.  That little pat on the head had really energised me!  So patronising!  So confident!  So knowing!

So yeah, that's how she dominates me now.  Not through any kind of embarrassing role-play, not with any "Mistress blah blah", not with any whips, cock-locks or the like, nope, not my Princess.  She does it through a subtle and confident show of her power over me.  She shows me, as soon as I misbehave, exactly how cold and frosty she will be if I continue that kind of behaviour.  She gives me the cold shoulder, immediately, and I know, immediately, that the atmosphere in our home will remain unbearably tense and unpleasant until I correct my behaviour and take steps to redeem myself through submission and apologetic begging.

There really is no choice for me now.  As soon as I attempt to break away from this submissive role that I desired for so long, then I am pretty much told to get on my knees and beg for forgiveness for even thinking that I could assert any kind of power in this house.

I am a slave to a femdom wife, every bit as much as a birdlocked guy with a femdom bitch wife in PVC.  I have no more autonomy, no more say or power than that guy.  If I had to choose one or the other, I would chose it this way now, because this is the way that Princess has chosen.  The whips and chains were not her style, but this, most definitely is.  So obviously I would go along with whatever Princess desires.

I have grovelled and apologised so much for my behaviour yesterday and today that Princess says I can bath and massage her tonight.  I am so lucky!


  1. I really enjoy your blog and I look forward to future posts. Keep writing!

  2. Thanks SH. Really glad you like it. I enjoy yours too!

  3. I had to do this again last night/this morning. Princess came home from work and I didn't have dinner ready. Instead of just apologising, I listed all the chores that I had done. Stupid. Luckily I had the presence of mind to correct myself as soon as I saw her mood darken, and got right on with the grovelling. This morning I woke her by gently kissing her feet whilst kneeling at the foot of the bed. When she awoke, breakfast and coffee were waiting on her bedside table. I apologised profusely over and over again for "answering back" and grovelled around her all morning.

    I have just sent her this text: "Thanks for letting me kiss your feet and moisturise you this morning, I was really worried that I'd screwed up last night. Sorry again for not having food ready like I should have and for answering back. Thanks for letting me back in so soon. I love you so much Princess - you're beautiful! Have a good day in work xxxxxxxxxx"