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Monday, 7 April 2014

Asking Permission for Absolutely Everything

This is something I tried a while ago without much success, but now it seems to be working well to cement my Princess' place in the relationship and increase her confidence.

It started a long time ago when I asked things like "Do you mind if I take a short rest break after that big meal before doing the washing up?"  This didn't seem to weird, especially if we had already agreed that I was to do the dishes.

Now though, I have started asking if I can go and have a shower, if I can have a snack, if I can have a break from chores... that kind of thing.  I find it seems less forced and unnatural if what I am asking for is something that benefits me.  If I were to ask "Please can I vaccuum the carpets" then that would seem stupid.  On those occasions I usually just inform my Princess what chores I am about to commence, with maybe a question at the end to confirm she approves, such as "I'll clean the cars this morning, then I will do the carpets and then cook lunch, is that ok?".  She may deign to look up from her laptop and give me an approving nod.

I am also using this technique to highlight the fact that I absolutely love to bathe, moisturise, massage and generally pamper my Princess.  So rather than her having to ask me for a bath, I frequently say "Please can I give you a bath and massage some time soon?".  In fact, yesterday we actually had the following exchange:

ME:  How has my behaviour been lately?
PRINCESS:  Very good actually.
ME:  If I carry on like this, please will you let me give you a bath and massage some time soon?
PRINCESS:  Yes, if you keep this up!

So if it ever gets to the point that Princess wants a bath or massage, she knows she is only asking me to do something I totally adore doing.  It's like she knows now, that any kind of close proximity to her beautiful body is a blissful honour for me that I should be grateful for.  I am trying to think of a good analogy - maybe a millionaire tossing a coin to a homeless guy just because he felt like it.

Something I have never done, but am now considering, is asking if I can bathe her feet in the lounge before massaging them and giving her a pedicure.

I asked Princess in bed yesterday morning if I could please give her an orgasm.  She said maybe later at first but then changed her mind.  I spent the next hour and a half with my head buried between her smooth thighs (shaven be me) giving her two absolutely huge, quivering orgasms.  She said she was cold so she kept the duvet over her the whole time, meaning I was sweating like crazy and hardly had any oxygen at all.  I was so uncomfortable it was unbelievable, and I think she knew this.  She seemed to be deliberately holding back from orgasm to prolong my discomfort as long as possible.  I did a great job though and cuddled her gorgeous hips for ten minutes or so afterwards before being told to make breakfast and clean the bedroom.  At no point was there even the slightest hint that I would be given any kind of sexual release, and my balls were aching like crazy the whole time.  In fact I had to admit that I nearly came in my pants, which Princess found funny.

When I returned to the bedroom Princess was in the shower, her clothes strewn on the floor.  I folded them perfectly and then dried and moisturised her.  God I love being a submissive husband to a beautiful, confident, dominant Princess lately...


  1. Just wanted to say welcome back, you have been missed (just checked by chance today). I'm glad things are going well for you and you've made it through to have even more a perfect relationship.

  2. Hey Anon. It's great to be back. Hoping to be able to report some significant developments soon!