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Saturday, 5 April 2014

My Personal Photo Book of my Princess

I am thinking of treating myself to a present..

The plan is to collate all the most beautiful, elegant and sexy photographs of my Princess and get them bound together in a glossy book.

Over the years I have taken hundreds of photographs of her looking gorgeous in various locations, at weddings, on beaches etc. wearing some great outfits.  

I will concentrate mainly on photographs of her looking confident and assertive.  I have quite a few taken from low perspectives too, with her pretty feet dominating the foreground and her face looking nonchalantly at a book or magazine.  One or two pictures she looks quite moody on too.

I also have some lovely pics of her exploring Italian villages and wandering around old piazzas which I snapped whilst carrying her bags and walking about ten yards behind her, which is customary now on our trips away.  These pics are awesome as the fact that I was walking behind her means they show off her firm calves in a short skirt, and they also remind me of how how submissive I felt on these occasion (more details of this holiday in the post entitled "Worshipping my Princess Abroad")

My thinking is that such a book will help me to focus on and to worship and adore my Princess even when she is not around or when I am away on business.

Of course I will have to ask Princess if I can spend money on such a book, and get her approval for all the pictures.  Should be an interesting little project!

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