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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

A New Lover for my Princess? (Part 2)

Have you read Part 1?  It's here.

At the end of the previous post, Emma and her boss' boss, Mike were talking at the bar at a social event organised by her employer.  The two of them were flirting quite blatantly and I was doing my best not to interfere or make her feel in any way restrained by my proximity.  

I can't remember how the two of them parted company; it's possible that I missed a goodbye kiss, and quite a lot of heavy flirting as I was trying so hard not to stare and look excited like the wannabe cuckold that I am.  The next thing I remember is being in the taxi with Emma.  She simply could not stop talking about Mike.  She was too drunk to realise how much she was focusing on him, and I was too turned on to comment on it.  Instead I encouraged her to talk as much as she liked.  She obviously thought very highly of him, professionally and as a person.  I couldn't tell though, whether she found him physically attractive - he is quite rugged looking.  Maybe even craggy; not at all the tanned, groomed, athletic type that Emma is usually attracted to.  Maybe it's the fact that he has quite a lot of power in her organisation that was causing this fascination.  Emma was actually talking about him like a fan, like she was grateful that he had spent so long talking to her.  "He's just such a nice guy!  Not cocky or arrogant at all!" she kept saying.

Once we got home we pretty much went straight to bed, and I pretty much begged Emma to be allowed to giver her an orgasm.  "Oh, alright, go on then" she consented.  

Now, recently I have asked Emma if she ever thinks about anyone else - an ex, a co-worker, a famous person, a friend - whilst I am pleasuring her and she says she doesn't.  I had planned to ask her if she would do it, for a kind of dare, but I have never really had the balls to do it yet.  This seemed like an ideal opportunity, I thought.  I would get her aroused and then suggest that she may want to think about someone else, for the fun of it.

So that's how I found myself between Emma's beautiful thighs that night, working hard at pleasuring her with my tongue, waiting for the right moment to suggest this moderately kinky fantasy.  Just as I was thinking of the best way to phrase it, I heard something that made my heart leap.  Two syllables passed her lips.  

"Aahh... Mike.."

Unmistakable.  In between the groans of pleasure, the name came out in a breathy half-whisper.  Upon hearing it I gave out a slight involuntary groan of my own.  It felt amazing.  This was way more than I had hoped.  I was plucking up the courage to ask her to do something like this and worrying about her refusing, when she goes ahead and does it of her own volition, which makes it a hundred times sexier, as she's not being prompted at all - she's just saying it because she's genuinely thinking about him and doesn't give a fuck that I know it!

As I carried on pleasuring her I replayed the sound in my head.  Was it "Oh my God?"  Nope.  Definitely not.  Definitely two syllables.  Has she ever said "Oh my"?  Nope, she wasn't born in the 1900's!  This was a genuine, full-on, simultaneous, shared, cuckold fantasy in action.  Bliss.

Afterwards, after her climactic convulsions, I kissed her thighs and cuddled her hips, telling her over and over that I love her.  She rested her hand on my head as it lay in her lap. 

Neither of us mentioned it - I have learned that I must not express my excitement about these kind of things as it starts to look like it's for my benefit.  Everything is for Emma's benefit now.  As it should be.

The following day I was super-helpful and obedient, kneeling, kissing, cleaning, complimenting, pampering, you name it - I was the perfect husband.

I have a good feeling about Emma and Mike.  Watch this space...


  1. Thank you for your kind appreciation of my earlier comments. As I have said, I have the utmost respect for you in your noble pursuit, and I also admire the skill with which you so clearly articulate the predicaments you confront in that pursuit of genuine submission to your deserving Princess.

    Previously, we discussed the predicament of having to serve even in moments when it did not suit you. Now you have posted about the obverse predicament -- the need to restrain your pursuit of your cherished fantasy -- being dominated through cuckoldry -- even as your are presented with the very real possibility that this fantasy may be realized. The tension is palpable in your account, as you struggle with your desire to suggest, to influence your Princess, and in so doing making it about you rather than about her, as you know it should be.

    In the end your restraint is rewarded, not so much with the fulfillment of your fantasy, as blissful as that might be, but rather with the opportunity to show continued restraint, as you resolve this palpable tension in favor of ever deeper submission. Now your journey is becoming her journey, as she is free to pursue her own desires, without concern for your desires -- whether she fulfills your fantasy or not, you are subject to her desires and her dominance.

    I imagine that facing this predicament would bring you to an even deeper level of submission, and that you would find yourself ever more grateful for these deepening opportunities to submit. That is what I imagine, but of far greater interest is what at you yourself experience through these constantly renewed acts of sacrifice, and how that sacrifice might bind you ever more deeply to your Princess's desire.

    I wonder, as you do, where she will take you, and how you will respond to being taken. For that, I will patiently await the next installment of your submissive journey, in the pages of your most remarkable journal.

    With utmost respect -- DJ

    1. Thanks DJ; you show a remarkably perceptive appreciation of the situation. Your patience should be rewarded soon when I get back on the blog...

  2. Have enjoyed reading back over your blog posts... thanks, and hope you write more. sara e

    1. Thanks for the comment Sara. I should be back soon... ;)

  3. Although you have known me as DJ, upon your anticipated return I refer to myself as Noble Ideal, reflecting my deeply held belief that the service of women is a Noble Ideal. Your journey is an admired exemplar of the pursuit of this ideal, and I look forward to the continuation of your journal.

  4. Hi, it's been a while and all silent on here, but I keep checking back in anticipation of you return. I hope everything is well with you and your Princess