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Friday, 2 May 2014

A New Lover for my Princess? (Part 1)

Well, we had small but significant development in our journey towards one of my all time dreams last night; that of me being cuckolded.

Emma's firm had hired a bar/restaurant for a corporate event and everyone in her firm saw it as a chance to dress up and let off some steam.  Emma looked especially stunning, partly because I had spent so long helping her get ready.

I had loved every second of the two hours I was allowed to pamper her for.  Blissful moments of servitude, spent entirely focused on my Princess, bathing her, moisturising her and giving her a full manicure and pedicure.  She had decided to wear her hair up; in my view her sexiest look, with wavy tousled strands cascading over her smooth bare shoulders and back.  Whilst she was in the bedroom styling her hair I was on my knees behind her, naked, ready and eager to be ordered around.  Her half-voiced desire "I'd like a glass of wine" resulted in me obediently running downstairs and fetching a large Rioja.  I was not thanked for this, or for any of my actions of service.  It has got to the point now where thanking me would seem weird - these are just things that get done and no thanks are required.  You don't thank the cleaner in a public toilet for mopping the floor, you just ignore them.

"You look like a maid.  My naked male maid" she laughed, looking at my reflection in the mirror as she clipped some hair into place.  "I can almost see your anus!" she chuckled on realising that she could, in her mirror, see my reflection in the other mirror behind me.  I leaned forwards slightly, afford her a better, more humiliating view of my naked body in its most grovelling pose.  I could no longer see her face in this position so I don't know what her reaction was, but I was able to kiss the small of her back by craning my neck.  From her point of view it must have been totally clear that I am now utterly enslaved by her, under her spell and wrapped around her little finger; a plaything.

Once my Princess' hair was done, she let me help her into a cleavage-boosting bra that I had bought her, and then a sexy, clingy, black low-back mini-dress that, again, I had purchased.  Having zipped the back up I knelt behind her and caressed her ankles until she walked off downstairs.  "I forgot my wine.  Bring it down."  she shouted as I cleared up all the mess she had left in the bedroom.  Towels, makeup, hairdryer, hair clips, discarded dresses.

When I got downstairs she made me fetch a pair of her sexiest shoes (a pair she'd bought for herself a while ago as a present for me) and put them on for her.  She looked a million dollars and I couldn't keep my eyes off her.  I must have kissed her a hundred times and told her she looked beautiful dozens of times.

I suggested the delicate silver ankle chain with black Swarovski crystals that I recently gave her would complement this outfit and she agreed.  I trotted off and fetched it and then knelt on the cold kitchen floor, still naked whilst I fastened it.

I only had a few minutes to throw some clothes on before the taxi arrived and took us to the bar.  Our preparations could not have been more different.

Straight away at the venue, Emma got into the swing of things.  She was knocking back the drinks and having great fun with her colleagues on the dance floor.  I always try to make sure she's never without a full glass of something when we're out, but it was made easier last night by her bosses who seemed happy to splash the cash around.

At around 11 o'clock I found myself involved in a lengthy conversation with one of Emma's most boring male colleagues, Dave.  As we were talking I noticed Emma standing at the bar with a guy who at the time I didn't recognise (subsequently I learned his name is Mike and he is her boss' boss).  They were stood leaning on the bar, facing each other.  It immediately struck me that they were standing fairly close together.  I turned so that I could talk to Dave and observe Emma over his shoulder.

I was worried that Emma would see me flirting and either stop or feel "watched" and less comfortable, so I made a concerted effort to space out my glances to one every couple of minutes.  Over the course of the next thirty minutes I became certain that they were both flirting quite heavily.  One of the most striking things I saw was Mike put his hand on Emma's hip whilst he was leaning to talk into her ear (the music wasn't even that loud).  It was there for a good thirty seconds, and slid up and down a few times.  The dress was so sheer he must have realised she wasn't wearing any underwear.  I was wondering whether Emma was happy with this when I saw her put her hand on his waist.  Whatever was said at this point must have been very interesting as Mike nodded, smiled and gave a little wink.

At one point, Emma looked in my direction whilst she was talking.  I made sure to give her a big, genuine smile to reassure her that I was fine, but she didn't even respond, she just continued talking and looked straight back at Mike.  She looked so wide eyed.

There was definitely some kind of chemistry at work, I thought.  A suspicion that was soon to be confirmed...

Part 2


  1. Glad you've started blogging regularly again, looking forward to reading more of this!

  2. Hi, I have restored the link to your blog on my blog roll and made a post suggesting people visit your site. I do enjoy your posts, the latest ones certainly made me hard while reading them. Part of me definitely feels extremely jealous of the way your Princess treats you...

  3. I've been looking forward to your posts (only just checked this and the last one), can't wait until part 2 and to find out what happened!

    Your Princess seems to be really finding her dominant side, lucky you!

  4. Thanks for the comments. I'm away at the moment. Will post second installment when I'm back in the country. Won't be long!

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