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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Proper Discipline

My Princess is really embracing her role as Femdom Bitch Princess Wife now.  Even when I'm not really in the mood for it, which I suppose is exactly the point really.

Last night when I was cooking I had the nerve to complain that she'd left a load of her stuff all over the worktop and it was in my way.

"Are you being cheeky with me?" she asked, in exactly the tone you would use when addressing a 3-year old.

"I'm just saying, this is not the place for all this stuff."  I replied, irritated.

"Ah-ah.  Remember what we said about answering back."  Not a hint of recognition that she had even heard my legitimate complaint.

"Ok, it's just that it's annoying when it's all over the place when I'm trying to cook, that's all." I pleaded.

"Right, that's enough.  Get down" she ordered, turning to face me, face like stone, pointing at the floor in front of her feet.

So, despite being busy and not really in the sub-mood, I did as I was told and knelt in front of her.  Within seconds I was gripped with the urge to serve and obey, like she'd cast a spell over me.

"I am sorry, Beautiful.  Sorry for answering back.  I love you.  Please may I kiss your feet?"  This sounded really wimpy and pathetic.  Ten seconds ago I had been assertive and normal!

"You're lucky.  That was close wasn't it?" referring to the fact that, had I continued to protest, we would have fallen out seriously and I would be sleeping alone tonight and denied any pleasures like massaging or moisturising my Princess' gorgeous legs and feet.

"Yes, I'm sorry.  Thank you."  I offered, bending until my face was nearly touching the cold tiles of the kitchen floor.  I began kissing the tops of her feet.

I continued to kiss her feet and calves for around ten minutes until she told me to continue cooking.

I don't think she's fully forgiven me yet for complaining to her and answering back.  This morning when I asked if I could please moisturise her legs after her shower, she replied "Do it whilst I brush my teeth.  Save time".  Very short and snappy.  So I knelt behind her, grovelling and telling her how beautiful she is whilst applying lotion to her smooth calves and thighs.  Occasionally sneaking a cheeky kiss of her ass.  This is the kind of punishment I can cope with, I thought!  Every time I do this lately I stick my face slightly further into her ass crack and kiss her.  I'm hoping one day to be able to kiss her perfect asshole as part of my regular worship.  I'm pretty sure she bent forward slightly this morning when I did it.

This story may not sound that remarkable if you've read much Femdom fiction, but in real life, to be treated like this, and to be controlled and manipulated so completely and so easily by a beautiful and confident woman is quite something.

My Princess is well and truly in control.

We are going out together tonight on a night out organised by her colleagues.  I am simultaneously dreading and looking forward to seeing how this new found confidence manifests itself in a social setting...


  1. On the contrary, I find this post most remarkable. I would think that you would feel an immeasurable debt of gratitude to be serving a woman who so skillfully asserts her power and authority. She has granted you a priceless gift -- the opportunity to plumb the depths of your submissive nature. What an honor!

  2. Thanks for the comment Anon. You're absolutely right - by behaving in such a dominant way towards me she has indeed given me a gift and enabled me to feel more free, natural and honest in my submissive desires and actions. I am very very grateful!

  3. Thanks for the reply to my comment. I might add that I found this post especially compelling in the context of the entire arc of your fascinating journey. Having discovered your blog only recently, I started at the beginning and reviewed every post in order.

    I found that while you are undeniably sincere in your submission, you also entertain specific desires about the manner of your servitude -- you wish to pamper her in the bath, to apply moisturizer, to kiss her ass, to be cuckolded by her. And while you also expressed a recognition that it would not be appropriate to pressure her, it seems that you were nonetheless plagued with doubt that you might be topping from the bottom.

    Your self-imposed hiatus from FLR reflected that doubt, and you were most fortunate that she elected to restore you to your submissive state. But now she is compelling you to come to terms with your submission -- which means that you must not only serve her when it gives you pleasure to do so, but even when you might feel inconvenienced or even irritated by her. And you must do so even in the absence of a specific command, as she should be under no obligation to make explicit what should always be implicit in your relationship -- that your purpose is to serve her.

    When she placed her items in your workspace, she was silently increasing your opportunity to serve her. You now had two tasks before you: continuing to prepare dinner, and clearing the mess she had so casually created. Seen in this light your talking back was not merely impertinent, it was profoundly disrespectful of her ultimate authority. The appropriate response, I might venture to say, would have been gratitude for this additional opportunity to serve her -- not for the sake of some anticipated reward, but because every opportunity to serve her is it's own reward.

  4. Please let me continue by saying that there is no implied criticism in my observations. It is easy to talk the talk and quite another matter to walk the walk, as you are doing. I have nothing but admiration for the depth of your commitment to fulfilling your true submissive nature and purpose, which means overcoming the residual resistance that leads you away from the obedience she deserves. And I can only imagine the blessed gratitude you must feel for her firm and inexorable guidance toward the obedience that is your submissive destiny.

    My last two posts were unsigned, but as I now imagine that I will be posting again -- as I anticipate learning of the further development of your servitude -- please permit me to identify myself, for future reference. DJ

  5. Thanks for your very well considered comments, DJ. I really appreciate your perspective. You seem to have hit the nail on the head when you talk of me now having to serve my princess even when irritated or inconvenienced by it. That is exactly where I am now - a proper submissive in a proper full-time dom/sub relationship. It's not some porn-style fantasy any more; it's a real life lifestyle commitment. One that I always wanted and now I am absolutely stuck with whether I still want it or not! I just look forward to seeing how far my princess is going to take this....

    Thanks very much again for your comments - it's great to know you've read all the blog and followed the whole story from the start!